Automotive Profit Pro is a family of products and services that guide your auto repair shop to success by focusing on the details that lead to profit.

The Estimator

The estimator is the flagship tool of the system. This tool gathers all of the information it knows about your company, and tells you how to make every job profitable. It accounts for technician pay, supplies costs, parts cost, and more! All customizable by you.

auto repair estimator

Of course, as you work through each repair job, the system will give you feedback on how you are doing. This lets you work the numbers without worrying how it will effect your bottom line. You will know exactly how much money you are making!

auto repair profit

Along the way, the system will provide help to you. There are many factors that the system will account for, but you will not be left alone to figure it out. Our calculator tools such as the "Technician Pay Calculator" will help you get the numbers you need. Also, most areas of the system provide help text or a video. When you're really in need of help, Gerry and Keith are here to mentor you!

profit help

When all is said and done, we give you some great insight in the form of reports. Use these reports to track your progress, and make business decisions that will make a difference. Your eyes will be opened!

auto repair profit reports

If you like what you see, don't hesitate to contact us. Give it a try!

Your Mentors

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