The Story

While criss-crossing the country from seminar to seminar, looking for that competitive edge their paths crossed. They worked together in multiple training seminars, all the while not realizing that living within 30 miles of each other was the edge they needed. Keith's talent for creative marketing and Gerry's unique ability to analyze the numbers and bring maximum results to the bottom line, formed a synergistic partnership that has catapulted their businesses to the top.

During their weekly breakfast meeting, the idea sprouted to open a store together, to give them something else to do now that their shops were running on systems and needed little intervention from them. (They were finally business owners, not technicians.) 83 days later, the business was up & running.

In the beginning, Keith had a hard time analyzing the numbers and needed to learn Gerry's "language" so, they developed an easy to understand system. Without acquiring any more clients, without working any harder or without taking any advanced classes . . . Just by playing around with his numbers and implementing a few minor changes, Keith saw amazing results! All he had to do was point click and make more money.

That's how Profit pro was born.

They quickly realized they had stumbled upon the secret formula; the missing piece of the puzzle. Many people look at financial spreadsheets and just feel confused. They know the numbers are important but have no clue! Profit pro can make the numbers easy to understand and get those numbers working for, not confusing you. It's simple. No mathematical equations, no calculators, just click and make money.

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